Final Draw winner


During Ramadan, we have chosen weekly winners during the 4 weeks of the holy month. 
With the amazing winners whom have entered our draw on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, we have announced the lucky winner on July 2nd 2017.

In an atmosphere filled with excitement, we have broadcasted a live story on our Facebook page.
We have invited all of our winners and followers on Facebook to watch the live story and everyone was waiting for the announcement.

The draw was based on a Microsoft office random formula and the winner was selected randomly by the computer just at the moment we stopped pressing the button and the name of the winner appeared on the screen.

With the descending count 3,2,1 the computer has chosen Tamer Hasan as the winner.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Tamer for winning the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and thank each and every one for participating in Ramadan 2017 contest.

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