Online shops

It is a fact that the United Arab Emirates has become a leading trade center that connects many multicultural markets in one outstanding place. Being a country that appreciate the cultural mix, the UAE is now a regional leader in e-commerce that has bought the advantages of online shopping to its residents.

Payment solution for your business

We know that entrepreneurs face the challenge of connecting various payment instruments for their online products.
With NT.Payments machines, you can connect to our payment gateway and
accept payments through the safest self-service kiosks network.

We can also assist you in connecting card payments and alternative payment systems such as PayPal, WebMoney, etc.

How it works on a website

When a customer adds items to their shopping carts, then proceeds to check out, the online shop offers a
list of payment methods available Like Cash on delivery, bank cheque, NT.Payments kiosk card, etc.
If the client selects an NT.Payments kiosk card, the order number will be shown, and the client will just need
to find the nearest kiosk to select the preferred online shop and the system will automatically
notify the seller of the received payment.

We support entrepreneurs and online business owners by making the process of selling their products easier.
We reconcile transactions and a commission of our payment system is usually 3-5% and
it depends on a number of payments accepted.

Presentation for online shops