Being practical for customer’s use and beneficial for investors, the automated payment services has become the essential ones in almost every country around the world. 

Once you become an owner of a turn-key solution based on NT.Payments kiosks or InDoor.TV promo screens, you will have the chance to expand, improve and advertise your business through the ground breaking technology.

We invite every business owner or company to invest in NT.Payment kiosks to not only offer their clients an easy way to pay for goods and services, but also to double business profits rapidly.

*The package of the offered products also includes all the tools needed to open and run a business in the UAE.

from our partnership
Stable annual income
Low initial investments
24/7 monitoring and control
No special skills are needed
Established IN THE UAE IN 2013


Provided automated payment services for more than 10 years across the globe

An increasing clients database of more than 150,000 clients every day

The biggest network of 3,000 locations in the UAE

Become a part of our successful journey!

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