Small area, great investment.

We encourage any landlord or business owner to attract more clients and drive sales.
By installing a self-service kiosk, you will make a rewarding investment in that extra small area in your supermarket, trade outlet, hotel or pharmacy. This smart investment will increase your profits by the increased number of visitors.

Installing a handy self-service kiosk will attract more people who will use it in your shop for any payment service and inevitably buy any product from you.

Do you have 1 free square meter?

Lease any free area out for a self-service kiosk, and the number of visitor and clients will increase significantly.

The smart design of the NT.Payments self-service machines is sure to adorn any place.

Power saving, noiseless and practical kiosks only need a power socket to operate.

With installing an NT.Payments kiosk, we will share with you commission fees for each accepted payment.


Expected results

Enhanced competitive capability

Increased number of clients

Guaranteed customers’ loyalty

Non-stop profits

Presentation for landlords