We live in a fast-changing modern world and everything is headed towards self-service smart technology. The self-service technology was created to save time and effort in everyone’s busy life and improve efficiency and accuracy in their requested services.

Self-service machines enable everyone to place an order from their favorite shop catalogs, issue a prepaid card, collect cash in exchange for a voucher, or even pay their utility bills in a fast and easy way.

Our self-service kiosks let you as a provider reach out to your customers without any assistance from your employees. It is efficient in reducing labor costs, increasing your customer’s satisfaction and in delivering a standardized high-quality self-service.

We offer you our non-comparable kiosks modern solution that operates 24/7 and meets all your business requirements.


from our partnership
Raising the number of clients
New service distribution channel
Mutually beneficial cooperation
More than 3000 payment acceptance points
Turn-key proven solution
Transparent operation

Our long experience in the payment business has enabled us to
remain the most reliable payment system in the United Arab Emirates.
By becoming our partner, you can use our vast expansion and strategic locations
to provide your customers with your services at any time.
Here in NT.Payments, we value our partners and ensure to work hand in hand
to reach the highest levels of satisfaction.


Convenient and practical way to pay.

Reduce the number of counters you have without reducing the number of in-time payments.

Minimize cash counters expenses.

Advertise your products and services and sell them in one place.

Update your customers’ information profile.

Know your clients’ opinions by making a quick survey.

Presentation for providers