Let your brand be seen by everyone.

Our specialists have strategically placed our NT.Payment kiosks in every eye-catching spot. With that, we can ensure you that brand will get a high advertising exposure that will not only reach your targeted audience but also make your brand highly visible for potential clients.  

of our partnership
Competitive prices for guaranteed results
Highly visible advertising content
Reducing expenses for marketing activities
Suitable for various market segments
INDOOR.TV & Combo-Kiosk Screens

We have a wide range of different display screens sizes that suit any type of advertisement.

Our Combo-Kiosk combines the functions of a practical payment machine and an advertising medium.

With its 42” display, face tracking features, recognition controller, and built-in camera,

you can analyze your customers’ nationalities and facial expressions.

These kiosks enable our premium segment buyers to display their advertisements in our kiosks that are located in

shopping malls, hotels, huge supermarkets, and centers.

NT.Payments Advertising Platforms

NT.Payment & InDoor.TV are glad to offer you the opportunity to make your brand visible in the market.
Advertise your products or services on the display screens of our payment machines and on our promotional screens
that are placed in the most visited places in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al-Khaima.

In the UAE, our screens and displays operate under the NT.Payments trademark and the most innovative digital advertising platform InDoor.TV. We have installed InDoor.TV promo screens in many most visited places such as shops,
business centers, hotels, and many more places.

Having the largest network in the UAE with more than 3000 kiosks all over the country and 4 Million loyal customers has made us one of the most reputed advertising medium in the UAE.

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