Governmental projects

NT.Payments enables every government organization to reach out to citizens and residents and raise the number of in-time payments.

Being installed in high-traffic locations, NT.Payments machines enable governmental entities to reach the entire population. If you are a representative of a governmental organization, rest assured that your services will be provided to people living in distant areas and to anyone who prefers the convenient payment methods.

This innovative approach provides an efficient gain for public administrations and improves the end users’ experience.

from our partnership
Reduced administrative costs
Front desk staff can be reduced
Queues will be reduced
Multilingual interface
Extended working hours
No risk of human error
What we offer

Our user-friendly payment machines enable people to pay utility bills, fines and even make charity donations in a fast and reliable way.

Now you can connect to your clients using the most efficient and secured method with a custom-designed kiosk that has your company’s colors and logos to make recognizable to your clients.

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