Privacy policy

General Provisions

treats all confidentiality requirements of our customers, clients, partners, and suppliers of products or services as well as the issue of keeping confidence of our customers with due respect and utmost responsibility, respects and protects the integrity of your personal information and makes every effort to secure the maximum confidence of your personal information.

The main purpose of our privacy policy is to provide you with efficient and effective service.

Providing us with your personal information through this website, you consent to its receipt, use, transfer and disclosure in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

Collecting Personal Data

No personal information is collected when you visit our website. You can browse the site anonymously. Our servers may collect statistics for the type of browser, device used to enter the website, and computer operating system, as well as the IP-address. The only personal information about you that we receive is the data that you provide voluntarily by filling in forms. You can always change or delete your personal information in the Internet office.

Collecting Information

Voluntary information. When you register at the website, you are prompted for personal information. You provide such information absolutely voluntarily and knowingly. It can be the information provided when requesting data about the franchise, when purchasing a franchise or contacting us with a question about the purchase. Such information may include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and the information used to verify your identity or prevent fraud.

The information provided shall be used to improve the process of your personal interaction with the website of the Company. Personal details can be changed, updated, or deleted in the Internet office at any time.

Information Obtained by Using “cookie” Files. The cookie technology is designed to simplify your website operation. One of its main tasks is to save user’s time. For example, you can keep goods selected before in your Shopping Cart or save settings when logging into My Account.

Cookie is a small text file stored by the web-page server on the user's hard drive, without any impact on your system. They may be stored just for the session (temporary) or permanently. Cookie files tell you which pages the users visit, what links they use, and how much time they spend on every page. This information can be used to better understand the interests and needs of our visitors and improve the content and functionality of the website. You can disable the use of cookies-technology in your browser. You can also delete our cookies having left our website.

Information Provided by Your Browser. This information is not personally identifiable and is sent by the web-browser automatically. Such information may include your IP-address, web-pages, which you open by visiting a website, the operating system, name and version of the browser, the date and time of your visit. The information we receive depends on the settings of your web-browser.

Information Provided by Third Parties. We may receive private information about you (e.g. payment information) from our partners or our service providers.

Our Partners

Our partner is a manufacturer, supplier and/or licencor of products and services available through the website. When used in the context of this Privacy Policy, the term "Partner" means a company whose name and logo can be on the pages of the The website allows you to follow links directly to the web-pages operated by our partners or on their behalf. We do not publish deliberately links to Internet resources that may cause damage to your computer system or its infection by viruses.

Links to Third-Party Internet Resources

This Privacy Policy applies to the use and disclosure of your information we collect through our website only. It does not apply to information collected on the websites of our partners, service providers or any other third parties, even if their website contains links to the or our website contains links to the above. We do not control the privacy policies of our partners, service providers or other third parties. If you disclose information to any other person, the use and disclosure of such information may be regulated by other provisions. Please, make sure you read the Privacy Policy placed on each web site.

Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy describes the ways of protecting your confidential information when you are using this  Internet resource, whose website contains the text of this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy applies only to personal information obtained through the website.

Personal information is the information that allows us, when used alone or in combination with other data available, to identify your personality.


If you use credit cards to pay for your orders, all transactions are performed by the banks in special secure modes. No confidential information about bank cards, except for notification of payment effected, is or can be transferred to our website.

We aim to keep your personal information secure. We have taken physical, technical and administrative measures designed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. When collecting or transmitting confidential information, e.g. your account number, we employ industry-standard protection methods. It is important that you understand that no Internet resources, databases or systems are absolutely safe or protected from "hacking". You are also responsible for taking reasonable measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access or misuse, such as the security of your password and other accessible information.

Use of Information

We may use your private information for the following purposes:

- customer registration on the site, acceptance, processing and delivery of your order;

- processing and receiving of payments or notifying you of your order status;

- for security purposes, credit or fraud prevention;

- purchase registration with the manufacturer or supplier of the goods in order to obtain warranty or technical support;

- merchandise or service subscription renewal;

- feedback, customer support, service change notifications, subscription settings;

- providing you, with your consent, with offers and information about promotions, new products and services, advertising;

- improving the operation of the website, assessment and evaluation of its performance to enhance the quality of the products or services, gaining customer service experience.

Protection of Personal Information

We do not disclose your information to third parties, and we use it only for the purpose of providing our customers (users) with the service requested. Under no circumstances do we disclose our customers’ (users’) personal information to third parties unless it is prescribed by law, or the customer (user) voluntarily agrees to the above information disclosure.

We also do not share your personal information with our affiliates, partners or other third parties for the use in their own marketing purposes without your explicit, voluntary consent.

There are limited conditions under which we can provide personal information from our databases to third parties:

- to meet the requirements of a court or a court order;

- to cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental investigation agencies (the above law enforcement or government agencies do not have to request such information to comply with legal formalities);

- to prevent or investigate the alleged offenses, such as fraud or identity theft;

- to fulfill contractual obligations;

- to protect the legal rights of ownership or security of the com Internet resource, our affiliates, employees, agents, other users or the public in general;

- to protect your own interests.

We can provide the personal information obtained via this website or in connection with your purchase, without any prior notice, in a good faith that such action does not violate any laws or regulations.

We also reserve the right to report without any prior notice to appropriate law enforcement or government agencies any activities that we truly believe are illegal.

Data Storage Duration

We store your personal information only as long as it remains necessary to achieve the objectives for which it was originally obtained (or the period of your permanent consent), or for other legitimate purposes (such as regulatory compliance), except for cases where a longer period of storage is required or allowed under the current legislation.

Handwritten Signature Equivalent

Your account password is your handwritten signature equivalent. By accepting this privacy policy, you acknowledge and confirm your handwritten signature equivalent as your own signature. You also approve all the documents authenticated by your handwritten signature equivalent as having the same legal force as written documents.

By accepting the rules and privacy policy, you acknowledge that the use of the handwritten signature equivalent in email messages transmitted within the system entails legal consequences similar to handwritten signatures as required by the current legislation. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your handwritten signature equivalent. All actions performed in the system using the handwritten signature equivalent of the user are considered committed personally by the user.

Juvenile Confidentiality

Our website is not designed for use by children. Persons under the full legal age, set for the corresponding country, shall not use the services of this website without adult supervision. We adhere to the rules of compliance with applicable laws and regulations with respect to obtaining information from children and using it to protect their rights and other relevant laws or regulations. If you believe that we have received information from a child or other person who is under the protection of such laws – please, notify us immediately by post or e-mail.

Updating the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to updating on as needed basis. Any changes in the personal data application policy provisions or conditions will be reflected herein. We reserve the right to update certain sections hereof at any time without prior notice by posting the updated version of this Privacy Policy in the Internet-resource. Using our website after such changes coming into effect constitutes your acceptance of the fact that all your private information or that obtained from you through this website, after the updated Privacy Policy publication, shall be subject to the terms of the revised Privacy Policy.